LDR Output Unit

I am trying to make a project using LDR. Sir I was curious which type of Light sensor is the most sensitive. In exactly which unit it displays the LDR output in the graph (like 1.02 thousand in lighted or 25 when no light). what is the unit of 1.02 and 25?

@vaman040697 its most probably 1024 as i have seen before. pls do check with this. hope this might help you

Thanks a lot @malolanaravamuthan

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Hi @vaman040697
There are majorly 3 types of Light sensors:
PhotoTransisors, Photodiodes and photoresistors.

Coming to their Sensitivity, It follows the order:
PhotoTransisors > Photodiodes > photoresistors.

A Light Dependent Resistor(LDR) changes its value with intensity of light in its surroundings.
“Candela” is the unit of Luminous Intensity, However the at the output end we receive some analog values.
These values are “Relative” and have no units.
They just give an idea so that we can compare light and dark.
The output Values are the consequence of change in Voltage across LDR.


Thankyou @shaleengovil2000 for clearing my dout regarding the same topic.

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Regarding the output unit of the LDR, and how the value comes about, as mentioned it’s related to the voltage and resistance in the circuit…