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i have a problem while taking the readings of LDR project , as it is coming “1.02 thousand”, with a regular interval of time, may i get the proper solution

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It is showing 1.02 common because i think you are keeping your bolt module under same light. If you change the light like keeping your bolt module in some dark room or less brighter light than before the readings will change.
The bolt module will take readings as per you set timing while configuring your product. If your not changing the light it will take common readings with a regular interval of time.

Hi…friend, try taking reading keeping it in different light condition,since the maximum value LDR can be shown is 1024 i.e “1.024 thousand”,you are probably getting this read because you are doing you project right under your tubelight or someother source of light,try after switching off the light near the LDR and take the reading.

Still if the problem exist there will be some problem with LDR.


The value of the LDR depends on the value of the resistor used along with it in the circuit. So if you use a resistor having higher resistance then we will need more darkness to get that fluctuation in the LDR readings / values desired.

You can check my answer here, it also has a video link for getting more insight on how the LDR works with different resistors used along with it and its sensitivity : Plant monitoring project

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You have been given a 330ohm resistor in the kit. Please use this resistor as the fluctuation in light needs to be significant to give a different reading than 1.02 thousand. Lower the resistance, the more variation in light intensity is observed.

There might be some internal resistance of LDR so inspite of using 10K register use the other one which is 330 ohm register
using that you will be able to take readings properly

you have to check the connections first then
use 10k ohms resistor if the output value is in thousands then change the resistor with 330 ohms
you will get the proper output values

FIRSTLY CHECK YOUR CONNECTION PROPERLY…the connection should be error less, the wire s are placed in such a way that they separates from each other…
after connecting this you should create your product details and link the product with the cloud.
then type your variable in such a manner that in the code you should put same variable ,otherwise the LDR cann’t read data…by the LDR it reads data every after 5minutes by default…

as you mention the readings of LDR is 1.02k then you can do a thing that by your hand you cover the LDR and then configure the data by pressing the top of the LDR…then you got different values or readings at different time …it also happened with me and i proceed in my way and i got the correct values…try it…good luck

it shows the intensity of the light is same. You can change the environment light or take it into the natural light or even switch off the light( you can tey various variations) to see different values of light intensity.

Please check the resistor used, if it is 10K ohm resistor then the total output value becomes high which shows bright condition as per eqn:- R=3.3(R+Rldr).So a very dark condition is needed to bring the resistance to low.You can use a 330ohm resistor instead of the 10k resistor which will provide you with apt values of resistance of ldr.

Use 330 ohm resistor instead of 10k ohm resistor.

Hey there… I faced the same issue try using 330 ohm resistor instead of 10k ohm resistor… Here is the color code => 330 Ohm Resistor Color Code: Orange, Orange, Brown, Golden
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the values that are displayed are actually the voltage values.
to make the LDR more sensitive you can decrease the resistance of the resistor connected to it.
moreover to get the output in terms of lux(luminous intensity) use this formula
Lux= ((2500/Vo) − 500) / R