LDR showing constant value

The problem may be with your lighting conditions. Try reading values in a completely dark room and see what happens. This may give you an idea whether the reading of the LDR sensor is changing or not. Maybe the lighting conditions in the environment where you are testing the module provides a light stimulus to the sensor which is giving you a corresponding value in the graph.
Try going for dark environment instead.

@rajputsafal27 Hi please check the connections carefully LDR one leg to 3.3v and another leg at analog pin A0

Also it is 10k OHM not 330k OHM where one leg to GND and other pin to A0

Input device A0 is correct

https://trainings.boltiot.com/courses/429176/lectures/6647171 check this link for any doubts.

Do reply when problem gets solved.

hello you need to make few changes to get desired output
1)use 10k Ohm instead of 330 Ohm we most probably use high resistance resistors for voltage dividing circuit so change it
2)then check most probably it works if not then use 3v3 pin instead of 5v that would be most probably better

i hope your Query will be get solved by this
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try 3v3 pin may be that could solve.

Use breadboard for connections. Try switching btween the resistors. And also try placing your finger near or above the LDR can see a small change. But have to wait aleast 5 min to results show Up.
Hope it Helps!!

try mobile flash and cross check once

Your LDR showing constant value because lightning conditions in your room are constant try to change lightning conditions in your room.
You should turn on the light to increase readings and turn off the light to get readings reduced. make sure that your connections are correct. connections should be done as follows:

  • Step 1: Insert one lead of the LDR into the Bolt Module’s 3v3 Pin.
  • Step 2: Insert other lead of the LDR into the A0 pin
  • Step 3: Insert one leg of the 10k Ohm resistor into the GND pin
  • Step 4: Insert the other leg of the resistor also into the A0 pin
    This tricks should resolve your issue, if it don’t help then there is fault in your hardware kit or your code is somewhere wrong.

Light of an LED bulb or Tubelight maybe around 1.5 lumens ,
which crosses sensor reading limit of 1.02 lumen
So it displays only 1.02