LDR shows 1.02. No solutions helping

I read all other posts and tried applying given solutions. Connecting 10k and 330 gives value 104, but otherwise, monitor is stuck at 1.02 thousand. I triple checked all hardware connections and also tried with 330 ohm resistor. No solution is working, please help

Try to change the intensity of light more or less to detect whether LDR is working properly. Also use bread board which was provided with the kit to check for loose connection if any.

I tried covering it with my finger as well as putting it in a drawer and closing said drawer. checked for loose connections with breadboard but still no dice

Then instead of LDR use buzzer with same connection without using resistor then run it lets see its working or not if buzzer beeps then circuit connection is ok. Change the LDR buy a new one.

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i was facing the same issue initially , connect a 330ohm resistor(orange,orange,brown,gold) this should hopefully solve your problem , even if it still persists it might be because the maximum value ldr can show is 1.02k so under direct sunlight the value will not change , try again in the evening under dim light and i guess you will see the variatios in the output values.

Please use the 330Ohm resistor and not the 10k one.
It is showing the max value of the LDR (1024 or 1.02k).
Use the 330Ohm resistor and your problem would be solved

bro kidly take that whole project into a dark room or keep it in a box which you recived with the bolt module it will surely helpful to you

thankyou problem solveed

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