LDR theory Question

Which pin of Bolt is the LDR connected to measure the light?

This ans Analog pin A0

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The LDR output is analog, so the output pin of the LDR sensor is always connected to the analog pins of the processors. Here the bolt module has one analog pin A0. So the only possibility to connect the LDR output is connect it to the A0 pin of the Bolt module.

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Hi @pratyushsaha453 ,
The only pin that can be used for connecting the LDR is pin A0, the only analog input on the bolt module which can sense 1024 voltage levels between 0V-1V, with output ranging from 0 to 1023. Digital pins can only sense if a voltage above a threshold(based on the sensitivity of the pin) is present or not, they can’t measure the exact voltage.

Analog pin A0 is connected

Since LDR is an Analog Sensor and Bolt WiFi Module has only one Analogue pin, we have to choose only the A0 pin.

A0 pin of bolt is connected to measure the light intensity :).Since,output from ldr is analog ,it is connected to an analog pin. There is only one analog pin in our Bolt module.The analog values are then converted into voltages and then to binary by AtoD converter:)

Hi, @pratyushsaha453

LDR means Light Dependent Resistor This pin connecting to A0 the only analog input on the bolt module output range from 0 to 1023.but they Cant measure Exact Voltage.

The A0 pin is used to connect to the gnd of the terminal voltage of 3.2 v so it is better to use at ground zero and to get optimal brightness in LDR

Since the LDR gives out an analog voltage, it is connected to analog pin A0.

A0 pin

Since LDR is an Analog Sensor and Bolt WiFi Module has only one Analogue pin, we have to choose only the A0 pin .

Hi, one terminal of the LDR is connected to A0 pin Bolt wifi module and the other terminal is connected to 3V3 pin in Bolt wifi module.

the light dependent resistor (LDR) changes its resistance depending on the intensity of light incident on it. since it is an analog electronic component, the analog pin A0 of the bolt device is used to connect the LDR.

We can only select the A0 pin because the LDR is an analogue sensor and the Bolt WiFi Module only has one analogue pin. @pratyushsaha453

When the light level decreases, the resistance of the LDR increases . As this resistance increases in relation to the other Resistor, which has a fixed resistance, it causes the voltage dropped across the LDR to also increase

Can anyone tell me where can I find how to make circuit connections for LDR , like some book or notes those might come along with this course???

You can search on google , i hope you can get suitable results.