Led blinking in waveform

I want to display the RGB led strip blinking in the waveform which I will be placed behind my gaming setup. I saw many videos but they are worthless I want to use the Bolt IoT for its reliability and efficiency.

Only Bolt IoT can help with this, I want to change the colour of my led strip in waveform and it should be operated on the network. And I need a help regarding the code.

Please help me

**LED blink at 40HZ with square wave **

int PIN = 13;

void setup() {
pinMode(PIN, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
digitalWrite(PIN, HIGH);
digitalWrite(PIN, LOW);

Even I want to change the color RGB with one click.
Can you explain me detail.

Hi @jsheik21,

You will have to use an Arduino along with the Bolt WiFi module to achieve this.

Also, the forum is present to “help” you with your requirement. We can’t really write the full code for you.

Please go through the projects given in the below links for idea of how you want to implement your system, then try something out and then if you face issues post the issues here. We will here to help you out.


Also about 90% of what you need has already been implemented in the following project. You may need to tweak it for your requirements.