Led blinking problem2

I was given a task to make an led blink using keyboard key. I am capable of doing that but the problem what I am facing is like if I make it blink for let say 10 times, it will blink for 10 times but if I wish to make it blink again for second time then the led doesnt blink, it doesnt even show up. So I tried again after some 6 hours then it worked. I just need to know whats preventing it to work like how I want.

Hi @sutaraisha123.

This is because you exceeded the API rate limit on the bolt cloud.

All commands to the bolt module are sent via API (Application Programming Interface). It’s basically sending a HTTPS request to the bolt cloud to make the bolt module make the LED blink i.e. switching the digital 0 pin ON and OFF.

Now, the issue with communicating via API is that you’re not the only one utilizing the bolt cloud to process your command. There are thousands of others processing an API request on the bolt cloud every second.

So, to avoid a server overload, whenever you cross your bolt cloud limit of more than 20 requests a minute, the bolt cloud blocks you to send further API requests for the next 6 hours. Hence, there are two things you can do. One, wait for 6 hours, or two, request to unlock your API access. To do so, check your email registered with bolt cloud (this is only for one time).

To know more, visit https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/api-access-rules

Hope this helps.


Gotcha sir, but if this is the case then how am i going to complete the task of blinking an led.
I cant wait for 6 long hours just to make sure that my code and the configuration are correct. Even if i purchase the pro version, I have the limits of 240. Is this how students gonna work in their project?

Hi @sutaraisha123,

If you feel the server rate limit is hindering your project, try creating your own server (droplet) on digital ocean, and then control the bolt device via the droplet. This takes a less toll on the bolt cloud as the API requests processed by it when controlling the device via your server are lesser.

For more information, you can refer to @vinayak.joshi’s reply on the topic How and where data is processed without micro controller?. He will explain how using your own server reduces utilization of processing resources on the bolt cloud.

Hope this helps.

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Okay sir, thanks for your response.

You are facing the above problem as the Bolt module uses API key for cloud computing. Cloud computing requires utilization of bandwidth but since you might not have an upgraded Bolt IOT package, the use of API key is limited to 20 times per minute so that the bandwidth can be reserved for other users. The solution to your problem is that you either watch the no. of times you want to blink your led such that it doesn’t breach the above limit or you can upgrade your Bolt package.

To know more, visit https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/api-access-rules

Sir, I have followed your suggestion but I have one more query which is…the python code whatever I am wrtiting in the ubuntu server, I need those codes in my desktop because the task which was given to me have also asked to share the code files.

Hi @sutaraisha123,

I’m afraid I cannot help you with that as of now as I am new to using the digital ocean droplet and python.

I guess the other forum users can help you with that. Or you can try doing a google search for your issue.

okay sir, thanks for your response, it helped me a lot!!:heart:


You got rate limited. Read more about it here: https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/api-access-rules

@sutaraisha123 okayy… I understood your problem… You have exceeded the api rate limit on the bolt cloud. You have just flooded the server with too many requests at a time because of which it got overloaded… A simple yet effective solution would be, add delays (a delay of 2 seconds would be good) in between the blinking of the sensors… In that case the server would get some breathing time and you are allowing the server to rest for sometime. This would definitely stop your server from getting overloaded and you do not have to wait for some 6 hours or something to resume your work back… and you won’t be facing this issue again I guess… Hope I helped you in some way. Do ping me if it helped !!