LED cannot be controlled using buttons in phone

I had purchased the bolt Iot machine learning starter kit and got it delivered on 15-8-2020.As per the instructions given in the Bolt Iot app I opened an account and linked my phone to Bolt wifi module and the blue and green leds glowed steady.But when I tried to connect the LED to bolt wifi module provided in the kit to control it using the buttons,LED was not glowing.I tried again by installing the app in another phone but the situation remained the same.Is there any other way to solve my problem or is it because my led or the bolt wifi module is faulty.

Hi, I will suggest you to again check the LED, power supply connection and WiFi connectivity.
If again there is a problem then try to reconnect your device with cloud and WiFi on same phone.
make sure your mobile and device should connected to same WiFi network and it should be 2.4 GHz.
let me know If you face some problem. I will definitely try to solve it.
Thank you!

Ok sir.I will try the same.

Hi @rosiajohny04
if your blue and green LEDs of Bolt-IoT is steady , then there must be problem with either your LED or connections you are doing with LED. First check connection if still problem persist, then surely your LED is faulty.


Please take a photo of the connections that you have made for the LED, and share it here. This will help us better understand the issue.

To replace the led in the same connection your connection is correct your is on/off using the button.
The led is no fault to try to change the connection settings the led anode and cathode in a correct pins in the bolt iot kit
The led connection is correct in the video lecture to try to rebuild the settings in the app and cloud connection.
All the best :+1:

hello @rosiajohny04
please check whether u placed your LED in the correct segments
short leg in GND pin
long leg in A0 pin