Led control code

Led control code is not working. LED is not glowing through mobile app.

can you please share screenshot of your codes.

there is no error in code but LED ON/OFF is not controlling.


Can you take a snap of your connections and send over here?

Make sure the wires are clear in the image.

Anode is connected to pin 0 and cathode is connected to GND


Keep a note, longer pin is anode and shorter pin is cathode.

  1. Have you inserted the pin properly?
  2. Have you tried other pins and LEDs as well?

Let me know so that I can find you out the best possible way to get you the output.

Hi, @satishkumarcse1995
Mostly the error occuring with LED’s is the one has to note the anode(+) and cathode(-) make sure the longer pin is connected to supply and shorter one is grounded.
Double check the code as well, digitalWrite(“pin number”,“Value”) mention the correct pin number.
Hope this helps!