Led control output isssu

page is not working error is found but config is correct


I faced the same issue earlier. Apparently, it’s an issue with the compiler so what you need to do is to refresh it again, type it all step by step and then save it. Copying and paster won’t work

Hope that helps


I am type all step by step but not working

Hi @shreyasundale,

The issue is caused because the Bolt Cloud tries to find a saved variable in the Cloud which is named by your API key. It cannot do so, and thus throws the error you are viewing.

To fix the issue, you can do 1 of 2 things.

Fix 1:
In the code that you have written, where you added your API key and device id, remove all curly β€˜{’, β€˜}’ brackets.
Your code will start working.

Fix 2:
Copy the line given in the course exactly as it is. Do not add your api key or device id to the code. The Cloud will take care of adding the api key and device id.


This will also fix the issue for you.

Thanks the problem is solved

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