LED control project issue

I am facing a problem with the led control project, it is not turning on as all connections are correct and even code is also correct as mentioned in the course.
Coming to the API it is enabled.

Please find the attachments of the related issue.

setKey(’{your api key’,’{BoltId}’);
you have to write your API key there and bolt id of your device

I mentioned and saved it but it not working.

See saikiran don’t change the code though copy and paste it on the code page on your bolt cloud.then click on view this device that’s simple you will get the output.


Could you share a photo of your hardware connections?

problem when I was using analogWrite().
Help me to get through this.

This is the code I written.
Note me whether code is wrong.

Hi @djayak1996,

The issue is with your conneciton and your code.

The analog pin A0, is only meant to work as an analog input.
It cannot work as an output pin.

You have to use one of the 4 digital pins for analog control.

This is because analog control is done using a digital control method called PWM. This was thought during the course. If you did not understand it, please reply back here.

@demesaikiran okay i have gone through your code in its totally correct . but i can see one thing that is you have not defined the variable which you have to dit otherwise the bolt will not work. go to the hardware section choose pin 0 from there and give it a name. then come to code section you will see on the right hand column pin will be shown as 0 and the variable name you have provided to it.

i am also facing the same issue all connection and code done right, api enabled,given variable name too.but still led is not working .pls help…

please place your api key and name of bolt id