for the first led control project was working fine but second time it is not and after that tries
many times but it is not working


Hey @nvch66 ,

Try checking the hardware connections made and use another LED instead of previous one.

there is some problem api request it says "you have been rate limited try after some time. "

check your connections properly and do watch the instructions again

You can check for the first project again, and comparing your next project which will make you guess where you are lacking or missing the things.

it’s API access limit. You have been block for 6 hrs after that you will be allowed to access it. And you can unblock yourself by going through the error mail.You have free plan ri8 for bolt cloud so you have following limited features:
in 1min - only 20 API hit above that will block you
in 6 min-72
in 30 min-360
and in 60 min - 720
don’t exceed the limit. If your project requirement is high then go for pro plan where u can hit upto 240 in 1 min.
Hope this will help!

in project 3 controlling LED , for the product ,“hardware” setup tab for pin 0 what is the variable name to be given ?

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That is upto you. For simplicity just write “led”

since it was not used in the LED Controller project 3, leaving it blank was not allowed, likewise i will give a dummy variable name .thanks for the reply.

the problem is project 3 led is not changing status when button on/off is pressed ?.
is there any changes required, just like in project 1 light intenstity monitor i had to replace 10K resistor with 330Ohm as mentioned on forum here Light Intensity Monitoring System . ( or simply wait for 5 minutes (api min. rate limit) for status to change)

I have done the first project of led control. but when I changed the digital input pin to 3 then the led when I click on it blinks instead of staying on until I click on off

Try to check your connections …and if it’s fine then try to check the API .

i have checked everything thrice its working with input pin 0 but when i try to control it with input pin 3 or any other it blinks instead of staying ON

i don’t understand the API access limit ?


You can read more about rate limiting here: