LED control using IFTTT command query



Where do we need to write these commands exactly in controlling the LED using google assistant and IFTTT apart from writing in IFTTT’s then that URL?? Kindly help!!


After creating an account on IFTTT, visit https://ifttt.com/create/

Click on If This, use google assistant and provide your passphrase such as “Turn ON the LED”. Once done, go to “Then What” , select “Make a web request” and enter your digitalWrite API calls in the url section.

Do revert back in case you face any issue with relevant screenshots.

@yeshwant.naik Do we not need to create product in bolt cloud to link with IFFTTT? Will it directly be linked to bolt by using this URL only?

I have made a similar project go and give it a read I have also faced the issues which you have faced https://www.hackster.io/sakshamdam54321/room-temperature-monitoring-through-google-assistant-ba39dc


Type the below command to setup an URL for your localhost

ssh -R 80:localhost:PORT_NUMBER ssh.localhost.run
Replace the [PORT_NUMBER] which you want to use for getting the POST request

i think this command is for Digital ocean users. I m using VM Virtualbox.
What will be the command for it?


No. You can directly use the API call.

Please make sure your API key is enabled before copying it from the API tab on the cloud dashboard

Ok thanks @yeshwant.naik @sakshamdam54321

I did all The steps, when opened the command. It says you have been rate limited, try after ### time.

Hi @ani.dangat,

Please check the rules for API access https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/api-access-rules

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.