Led hardware configuration

As I’m working on ledcontrol it isn’t working as it is asking for hardware configuration as isn’t shown in explanation and as the whole code is correct but the led is not working


Can you open the product configuration page and check if you have saved the hardware configurations?

I would suggest deleting the current product and create a new one from scratch.

Where did you type in your code? If you have followed the procedures correctly, you must have chosen the wrong digital pin from the board diagram under the hardware tab. Make sure it is the same pin number as you have physically connected on the board. There are usually 4 digital pins and 1 analog pin on the wifi module.

Maybe your led can be faulty too. Try and connect the terminals of the led to a button cell momentarily to see whether its working.

@187r1a0421 I am considering you have followed procedure correctly but still there might be some issues like

  1. LED is actually not working(faulty), in that case you try with different LED
  2. You must have not saved Hardware Configuration while building it so go save and build it again
  3. There might be chances of you selecting wrong digital pin while saving Hardware Configuration so check for that too

Hope it helps !

Make sure you click on GPIO 0 pin on your hardware configuration page and also when you declare variable it should be more than 3 worded…I’ll also share my screenshot in case if it helps

check your code while connecting to cloud.and the pins you selected so far.make sure of the variables that you used.if it is not solved then share your code page here