LED not Glowing even after troubleshooting all possible ways!

I have written the code as it is and also my connections are rightly done . still my LED is not glowing therefore I did the connections once again and deleted the old project and created a new one and did everything from the scratch I also generated a new API KEY and enabled … then also LED not Glowing.

Send snap of your code. And show your connections as well.

Is there any error while output?


You can test the Circuit connection and build the API using our API request builder from the API section.

check if you have connected the LED pins properly and check your code especially on and off , 0 for off and 1 to on it . see if your bold module is online and if there’s proper power supply and internet connection. these are the basic things you can check. I hope it works.

Check if the LED pins are connected properly .Then check the code especially check for spelling mistakes . See if your Bolt module is properly connected to the cloud. If the LED still does not work ,your LED must be damaged . Replace it with a new one . Hope it works

My Problem has been resolved it was actually the problem caused by API limits exceeding in a minute.