Led not glowing, please help4

Sir my project is turning on and off led using Google assistant,my led is not glowing

Please help,sir please respond soon sir it’s my humble request

Please check-

  1. LED configuration with the bolt wifi module (LED +ve leg and -ve leg connection)
  2. Assuming that you are using boltiot module in coding, please check the PIN number you have hardcoded in digitalWrite(<PIN*>,‘HIGH/LOW’) function.

Note - PIN* - >Pin # where you have put in one leg of resistor

In both code and hardware set up I used same pin

I’m I correct sir

Where is the resistor? It should be connected to LED right?

no need of resistor for producing led light .we need resistor in plant monitor for light intensity.

The problem might be you had reversed the both negative and positive terminals.
Or due high current flow the LED might have shorted.

I too faced a similar issue with LDR(input device); when I tried using it without resistor i wasn’t getting the required output. When i used resistor, LDR worked for me.

Please try using the resistor with LED once to check if the LED is working or not.

  1. Connect +ve (long leg) of LED to one leg of resistor
  2. Connect -ve leg(short leg) of LED to GND of module
  3. Connect other leg of resistor to 0 pin.

In my project on and off led using mobile, first I got output but later I’m not getting it please help

@sreejavijayagiri Check if the LED is working first by connecting it to 3v3 and GND. If it turns on, then connect the pin on 3v3 to 0 and try again.
Also, check if you have made the web request correctly by verifying the URL content.