Led project is not working

It was working when i first configure but not errors.

@shantanusk.sk ,i guess that you didn’t configured the code in your product.write the code with html extension which was given there and then deploy the configuration and view this device.

Bolt IoT Platform ON OFF */

Check the connection properly check the code for any error

I did checked the code. It matches the code as given in the tutorials.

once can you show me the screenshot of your code

Hiii…@shantanusk.sk this is not the correct way of building the circuit. There is high chance that LED and resistor terminals may be shorted. If that happens, all the components will get destroyed due to flow of high current.

Please make use of the breadboard and male-to-male assorted wires for building the circuit.

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You must have made an connection error or an loose connection. Even there is an equal chance that the LED has been fused to to higher current flow. Or the port is not configured properly.

I have checked everything in other circuits they are working. Nothing is damaged yet.

i reconfigured and it’s working now, thank you all

Welcome and congrats… @shantanusk.sk.

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