Led project led is not glowing

i had started led controlling project i had done everything as prescribed in the training module but the led is not glowing on turining the button ON ,i have checked all the connections many times everything is correct , i checked the code also but there is not any problem in that too i had done all the trobleshooting processes given in the bolt forum but the led is still not blinking , my bolt wifi module and led is also not damaged , please provide me a solution for this

Can you share a screenshot, which led is not blinking.

I am having the exact same issue …I fear that LED might have been damaged.
I also checked the code 5 times checked the connections multiple times but its still not working.
when I turned it on for the first time it was glowing …Led glowed only once
I also tried switching LED’s but its still not working.

Hi @gs2113094 Please share the screenshot so we can point out the issue.

Hi @himanshu.arya thank you for your concern but it turned out that my API was disabled… Now my project is working just fine

Hi @gs2113094 Please elaborate your query here and also give solution so it can help to other candidates for same query.