LED project not working (API rate limited)

please let me know what wrong i had done while executing the project

.i connected the -ve terminal of the led in gnd pin,the other terminal was wrapped around one leg of the resistor, the other leg of the 330ohm resistor is conned to the 0 pin.although i press off still it is glowing.after consuming lots of time it is turned off now please check

You have to give one onclick for high(ON) and another onclick for low(OFF),instead of this you have give both onclick to high so change the code and set the 2nd onclick to LOW.Hope it helps.

Hi @adityawaghmare313,

Could you check if you have received an email saying that your API key has been rate limited?
This often occours if you try a lot of API calls within a small amount of time.

Yes, your code for LED control does consume API calls.
You can read up more about the API call rate-limiting in the following link

It’s an error in the code. Please change the second button configuration to onclick="digitalWrite(0, ‘LOW’). That should help.

There is an error in the code. HIGH is for on and LOW is for off. Change the second from:
This might help.