Led switching not working

So I was using an led control using html tagging. After writing the code as described in the topics and setting the hardware configuration as it should be. The Led is not turning On. While checking for the troubleshooting the api build request shows error


You have exceeded your API request limit. For more info - https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/api-access-rules

Let me know if you have any other queries.

why cant i switch on my led
is it due to exceeding API limit or something else is there


It is because you exceeded your API limit.

You’ll have to wait for the displayed time, which is a 6 hours countdown.

After that, you can continue using your Bolt Module.

Bolt IoT API is rate limited, if u have exhausted your daily limit you need to wait for 5-6 hours before using the API again. Hope that helps.

I already wrote the code for the led controller project but when i linked this with my previous project and deployed it, it’s showing this. Is it cause i bimistakely generated my Api key more than once? Do i again have to do the plant monitor project?


Your query is still unclear. From what I see from the image, you have not written any code for the current product the device is linked with. So definitely there is nothing to view on the View page.

Generating the API key has nothing to do with this.

If you have written the code for any other product, then you have to link the device to that product.

I’ve written the code as mentioned


Is your device linked to this product?

Do one thing, make your device public. And share the link over here.


Here it is


Can you send a snap of the full code page and the Devices page?


The device page