Led turn On in Arduino using Api

Hello ,
I want to turn on an led on my arduino board connected to bolt using UART connection using API calls.

Can Anyone tell me the exact steps with codes to do that?

Yes its very simple

First check out how to Initialize serial communication

Also check out this how to send data over bolt

Connections: -
connect Bolt’s 5V pin to Arduino’s 5V Pin
connect Bolt’s Ground to Arduino’s Ground Pin
connect Bolt’s Rx to Arduino’s Tx
connect Bolt’s Tx to Arduino’s Rx
connect your LED’s long leg to Pin 13 of Arduino & short leg to Ground pin which is near to Pin 13 on Arduino

This is image for connections: -

Code For Arduino: -


  1. power the Arduino & no need to power Bolt as it will be provided power by Arduino

Note: - Replace “your_api_key” with your API Key & “BOLTXXXXX” with Your Bolt Device ID while sending request below

  1. Now from your web browser send this

  2. Then send this from web browser to turn on LED

  3. To turn off LED send this

If you have any problem feel free to ask.