Leds are not blinking at first time pluggin

i had to setup my bolt so I download bolt iot app and then I filled up my details and then when i tried to add bolt device i plugged in bolt .both blue and green leds were keep on glowing .they never blink at all.and i tried with two different usbs and three different adapters and on my laptop also but they never blink .they keeps on glowing all the time please help me.

Blue LEDs blinking just says your Bolt wifi module is on(power). If its constant in glowing, that is stable it means that it is connected to local wifi and unless and untill disconnected from there will remain stable(blue led), green led if is stable it symbolises that your device is connected now to cloud and you can manage( control) your device from there.

but even when there is no local wifi it still remains blue.and i have never setup cloud so how it would show that it is connected to cloud

what is the device status?
bcoz w/o internet access green led shouldnt be glowing

i dont know ,when i just took it out from the packet and connected to usb both lights were glowing contnuously

@navdeepsuneha Can you please share a small video of this to support@boltiot.com?

In my case the WiFi module stopped working after 1 week .I also tried with 2 different USB cables and different adapters even on my laptop but now there is no indication of any LED lights

Hi @poornaprajna341,

Please make a video of your bolt issue and send it to support@boltiot.com .If it’s under warranty, we will replace your Bolt unit.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.