Led's are not working

I have recieved my boltiot kit yesterday night. When I connected the led using resistor it is not working. Both the leds are not working.

check the led’s through battery .

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Which LED the one on the module or the one that came with the kit

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Hello, if the LED on the board is not working then you must report this to the company. They might replace it. This is the fault of the board.
If a LED bulb is not working, you can test it as mentioned by @subhamruhela13. If the LED lights up, there may be a fault in either your circuit or improper connections to the board. Check the functioning of the IoT board and the connections of your circuit. If there is a fault in the IoT board, report it to the company, else, correct the connections.
I hope this was helpful.

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Hi @streamerzzlive , try troubleshooting the problem , use an accurate charger which gives an output of 5V , or conect it to a laptop , keep in mind that the output voltage you are getting must be 5V .

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I will suggest you to check the LED by using the method given in the Bolt Iot mobile app. Connect the LED directly to Bolt 0 and GND pin as shown in the app. But before that make sure that you have connected your Bolt module with a wifi router (or phone wifi). Check if both green and blue light are stable. If everything if fine and you have added your bolt with bolt mobile app then check for the LEDs.
Note : Only providing power supply to Bolt chip will not turn on the LED.

Hii @streamerzzlive, Firstly you check your Bolt IoT kit is properly connected to wifi and Bolt cloud ( check the blue and green LED in bolt module is stable) then connects the LED with resistor. LED’s positive terminal(longer leg) is connected to resistor and then connect to Ao pin and negative terminal of LED (shorter leg) is connected to GND(ground) pin. Then check it if not working then check the LED with other battery with resistor if working it means the fault in your kit and if not working then fault in LED. Then, ask for replacement.

hai @streamerzzlive

Here you didn’t mentioned any specific LED. Is it a BOLT WIFI module LED or LED that came as a part of kit.

First you need to check weather BOLT WIFI LED’s are working or not. Using 5v USB adaptor connect your WIFI module or connect WIFI module to the laptop via the USB cable which is provided as a part of kit. If WIFI module LED’s aren’t blinking you might have to replace it.

To power on the WIFI module please refer the given link.

Using a 5v battery you can test the two LED’s which are provided as a part of kit. If LEd’s are glowing there may be fault either in the hardware or the code part.

Please refer the two links for valuable informations.

Circuit connections for an LED:

Controlling LED:

I would give you solution to check your led is working or not. First of all Connect Bolt Iot app with same wifi network and after that check green and blue lights are stable. So, now Connect the LED directly without using resistor as given instruction in Bolt Iot app. If this all steps are completed then you can check LEDs would be turn on and off.