LEDs not working

I was doing the LDR project suddenly the cloud led(i.e green) started to go dim and the stopped glowing.
Then the blue led stopped glowing too.Now, when in power up my BOLT device then blue led just blinks once and then stopped glowing.

Your device must have disconnected with your wifi or there must be no internet connection. Turn off your device and again reconnect , your blue led will be switched on as the blue light indicates that it is getting a supply.

I try to power the device once again the blue led still blinks once. I changed my adapter and even tried to use a power bank but the blue led still blinks once and stops glowing.
The green led is still off. I checked my wifi , it has good internet connections.

hi @hiteshptdkh
once try it by opening your mobile app
try to on it without connections if it works… then try the connections carefully once again

hope it helps

@hiteshptdkh Send a small video of the malfunctioning Bolt device to support@boltiot.com. We will check if the Bolt device needs a replacement and send it to you.

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even i am facing the same problem as above mentioned … help me get out of it

I contacted the support team and wrote the above problem to them. It seems that it was a faulty module and therefore the offered me a replacement which I received yesterday.
I request you to do the same

I am facing a similar issue, i have mailed a video of the device to support@boltiot . Hoping for a response soon.