Light Depedent Sensor(Reading Issue)


Problem: The LDR Sensor is only giving Reading of 1.02 Thousand Everytime,
Not been Able to Figure out what is actually going wrong?
All connections have been done Properly as Specified
1.5V/3.3v connected to LDR Leg and resistor Leg
2.A0 Pin to LDR.
3.Ground to Resistor


Due to different internal resistance of LDR you are getting reading of 1.02 thousand with 10k Ohm resistor
Try 330 ohm resistor (Orange Orange Brown) instead of 10k ohm resistor


Turn off the light and check the value. It will give different value as when there is light, only that time it shows 1.02 thousands. Check the result in dark once, you will get different value.


I faced the same issue. If you have a multimeter then check the components once, especially the ldr. Also clean the legs of the components. Even though they are new, sometimes because of oxide layer the working of the components might get hampered. I just did these steps, and reassembled the circuit, and it worked.


Don’t use much wires and all just keep it simple and attach it directly to the bolt cloud a0 pin etc.
And press the deploy configuration tab frequently in 10 sec so you will get variety of readings