Light dependent resistor

I have made a project called plant sensor as per the course.It works perfectly fine as no errors have been found but, while in the tutorial the action of this product showed the result in form of 0 and 1. My results are quite different they show numbers like 77,983 etc. as per the time interval.
Why is it so?

The values that you are getting are absolutely correct. Since you are connecting the LDR sensor to the pin A0, which gives analog output, you are getting this kind of variation in your output values based on the light intensity change.

With regards to the video, which shows the output as 0 and 1, it is an error in the video from our side. Apologies for the same. We will look into how we can get this resolved. Thank you for pointing it out.

LDR is a variable resistor, so what it gives the value of resistance to the change in the intensity of light accordingly. And since we have connected it to A0 which is an analog pin, you will get analog values. That explains why your answers are different. I hope this is helpful to you.

LDR is a variable resistor and the values may change from small numbers to big numbers because it depends on the light you are giving to your setup of kit like if you are keeping your kit in place where more light is passed to the kit and connection u made then variable or value of resistance will be greater and if u are keeping it in place where not so much of light is present then it will give u less value or small number . Here if u r getting 77 and all values its correct . you are getting it because u have kept ur kit setup in convenient light and where u got 983 values the light intensity is more so u got that values. Hope u understood. Best luck…