Light intensity data analysis

hello sir,
I have just started with the bolt iot module, I have created the 1st light intensity measure project every thing is going well ( the circuit, linking to the cloud, code, product,etc).
I analysed the table for 20min (5min intervals) .
All the four outputs are same 1.02 thousand although iam changing the light conditions in my room every time …some time off,on , extra light using my mobile torch but constantly am getting the same output value?
Do I have a issue with LRD (sensor)?

1024 is the maximum value. Please check the resistor you have connected in the circuit. You could also try changing the same with a different resistor in your kit.

Sir I changed the resistor .now this is the observation table …am getting variable outputs .
But please suggest what these values depicts or what conclusion we get or how to read these values in terms conclusion.

@mamtasingh2097 For values 1024 it means that the intensity of light is maximum (which is unlikely to happen, so i would request you to check your connnections again). Furthermore, the low values like 38 would suggest low intensity of light in the region around your LDR.