Light intensity detection for plants

my table output is showing 1.2 thousand in room light whats the meaning of it.

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the maximum value the sensor can measure is 1.2 thousands in some units. so if the light intensity increases beyond that value it will always show 1.2 thousand. If you take the reading while covering the sensor with your hand that will change.

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1.2 thousand is pin reading of an bolt kit.the standard bolt iot wifi module reading .well i don’t have idea about light intensity but for temp. monitoring its conversion is (100* pin reading\1024.

if you use digital pins(0 pin in wifi module ) for measuring intensity than it will either show maximum(in presence of light) or minimum(in absence of light) but if you use analog pin(A0) you can measure the intensity for any range usually it shows around 200-400 ffor room light seoending on intensity.
for example
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1.2 thousand is the maximum value that can be read by the light sensor provided in the hardware kit.You could use some other light sensor to get read a larger range of values.
Using a normal tubelight you’ll get the reading stuck at 1.2 thousand.I’ll suggest turning of your room lights and using your phones flashlight for getting different values.

1.2 thousand is the maximum value measured from the LDR. If light intensity increases sensor resistance decreases. if you go on increasing the light intensity, sensor resistance is decreased and becomes comparatively very small with resistance connected in series i.e 10k ohm and value gets saturated because that slight variation in resistance(negligible compared to 10k) will give fix potential drop. I recommend you to use 330 ohm or any other resistance of less value in series with your LDR or LDR with higher range of resistance. As then resistance change in LDR will be comparable to resistance connected in series so voltage drop will affect the reading.
PS- I have faced the same problem and get resolved by exchanging the 10k ohm resistor with 330 ohm. Hope you get my point and if not feel free to ask.

@jain39vasu . The analog value that the bolt iot module reads (and for some micro-controllers varies between 0 and 1024 ) 0 means lowest point and 1024 means the highest point.If we consider the case of Arduino it is 0-255 so if you were using Arduino the value shown would have been 255 . In case of the bolt device its 1024.Which means 1024 represents 3.3V and 0 represents 0V so 1024/2 =512 represents 3.3/2 = 1.65 V like that you can know the intensity of light as received by LDR hence know whether light is ON or OFF and even know the amount(intensity) of light in your room

1.2 thousand is the maximum intensity value measured by the resistor.If the light intensity increase rapidly then the value of resistance decrease.You may use someother sensors for different readings or covering the sensor for more readings.

@500060730 Hello sir, Why is the value 1.2 thousand only is there any reason where that number came from? BTW 330ohm suggestion corrected my project reading thank you for that