Light Intensity Mointer not updating to cloud

i try to update but its not updating to cloud
its not counting more than 55. it shows “Hardware configuration deployed successfully” but not updated in graph don’t know why also i use my hand, pen cap to cover lrd to change value but its still 1024
as per i checked and make new product still same issue given below is the code
and the graph not change don’t know why n i use breadboard also connected directly to bolt iot still same issue my connection (3V3-LDR-A0-Resistor-GND)

setChartTitle(‘Light Intensity Mointer’);

Hello Pablo,
Please check the following.

  1. Device status when you are not getting data.
  2. Check if there are any loose connection of components.
  3. Check if there are any limitation of plotting point on the graph properties.

Thanks & Regards,

Hello sreevani
i don’t know what i was missed but its working properly now
but i want to change graph time how to do can u tell me
i want in second not in minutes it can be possible by editing or adding in .js
In gauge graph i want automatically change pointer is that possible for example LM35 temprature going rise from 28 to 29 30 31 32 33 34… in gauge

Hi @Pablo_Shubhi,
Check your device firmware version. Steps in the below link

If your device version is below 1.0.7, then there may be an issue with the device updating data to the Cloud. The issue was fixed some time back.

If that is the case, you will need to use the steps given in the following link to update the firmware of your device to the current lastest version

Test the Light Intensity in full dark and sunlight. If the graph changes,then it works fine and if not then reset it and start from scratch. @Pablo_Shubhi

Hello @Pablo_Shubhi !
Try doing the following:

  • Check your hardware configurations.
  • Check if any connection is loose.
  • Check your cloud product code.
  • Check if Both the Green Led and Blue Led of the Hardware are on and stable.
  • Update the BoltEsp firmware, by following the documentation (
  • Restart the Bolt WiFi module.
    Best Luck! :smiley::+1:

can you please help me how to check cloud product code. Also how to update BoltEsp firmware.