Light Intensity monitoring system project

For my first project :light Intensity monitoring system
When I click on view device icon there is one notification shows to me ,which says that “plotchart is not defined.” What does it means ? How I solve this situation?

When you were creating a product there are two tabs first is hardware and second is code. You should click on code, give suitable name to code and .js as file type and write down the below code:
plotChart(“time_stamp”, “your_variable_name”);
hope you get it.

As you are saying I do same thing.
Is this problem occurred due to write “plotchart” instead of “plotChart”?

Yes. The correct format is plotChart(“time_stamp”,“variable_name”);
here variable_name refers to the pin number to which you have connected the LDR

You always have to follow the correct syntax while programming , as the machine only knows “plotChart”
not the plotchart or Plotchart.

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definitely,because JS is a case sensitive language

Correct syntax should be followed while programming , as the machine only knows “plotChart”
not the plotchart or Plotchart. Because it is case-sensitive.

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Try to check the case sensitivity of the code function .You have written “plotchart” instead of “plotChart” this is the error.if the error remains same then firstly you can check for the variable name given to A0. Also check the syntax of your code.

thus for the light intensity monitoring system the basic java script code as to find the plotchart is to write the code as plotChart(“time_stamp”,“variable_name”); as time_stamp is for checking various times of the sensor and for variable_name is mainly considered as the name initiated to the pin.Sometimes it may happen as not defined as there is no “;” defined in the code or there may be case sensitive what you use as the variable_name on the used in the code as to pin name follows. These may be the reason

hi my friend
In plant montoring project after proper hardware connections please go to code here you can select .js and give file name and code like this plotChart(“time_stamp”,“light”);
Best of luck for your project

the correct way of writing the code is: plotChart(“time_stamp”,“your_variable_name”)
in “you_variable_name” you have to insert the name which was set by you while making the product