Light Intensity Monitoring System


Got the result of Light Intensity Monitoring System, My first IOT project!
2nd Project is on the way…!’
Thanks @Boltiot!


@roshnidash827 Congrats! :slightly_smiling_face: :ok_hand:


Why does the LDR always show 1.02 thousand if light is sensed and some value between 200-500 if no light is sensed?
And what does this mean : Some students have received an LDR with internal resistance which is different from the standard. Try using the following combinations in the given sequence

  • 3.3v - LDR - a0 Pin - 10k - gnd
  • 3.3v - LDR - a0 Pin - 330 - gnd.


HI Sir.I have successfully made the connections,then made my product,wrote the code,linked it to my bolt module through cloud.But whenever i try to deploy configuration ,it is showing"no hardwire configuration exists for this device".Please help .



Please send the screenshot of your hardware configuration for further investigation.


I think so you have not saved the hardware connections you made and make sure you variable to A0 pin.for further details share the screenshot.



@chinmayat11 I also had faced the same problem.You can try a 330 Ohm resistor instead of 10k Ohm resistor. Different LDRs are compatible with different values of resistors…Here is the image of the graph with a 330 Ohm resistor.!