Light Monitering system

My Bolt Module confider successfully i write code and deploy successfully but i can not see output of data i see NaN value

hai there,
Please reply me with the pics of your connections , code you have written.That would be more helpful to solve your query.
thank you

Hi there,
I think you put ldr pin on wrong place.
Hello there,
The problem of NaN appearing in the light column occurs when there is a mismatch between the variable assigned to the pin in hardware tab and the variable used in the code written in the code tab.
Check the spelling of the variable in both the tabs and it should be same else correct it, your problem will be solved.


Could you share a screenshot of the code that you have written? Ensure that the variable names for the GPIO pins are clearly visible in the screenshot.

could you please share the screenshot of the code?and the picture of connections you have made

Make sure that the variable name that you have used in the code matches exactly to the variable name provided while creating hardware configuration.

check the coding tab and hardware configuration and check that the variable name that you have give to the pin is right or wrong

Same problem arise, ldrval is variable name. Connected rx to tx of both, ground to ground bolt and arduino. Taking Analog input of ldr at A0 of arduino.
Output is NaN.
Code is in pic and circuit also.

Values are correctly showing on serial monitor.