Light monitor project, data is not getting shown on app

my first light monitor project was successful. I am getting the data table with readings, but when I opened the bolt app on my mobile and opened the device, the data count is showing to be 0 there.

Make sure that your mobile is connected to bolt wifi device and also u should push your data into your cloud account by clicking on the button on view page.When U will click on it ,it will be uploaded into your account.

If you are not the data on your mobile app follow the step given below;

  1. open the graph on your PC or laptop
    2)Make sure you are getting the require readings
    3)Now click button "PUSH DATA TO CLOUD "
    4)Now if you open Bolt app on your mobile you will get the graphs and the reading as it was on your PC or laptop

Make sure your device is connected & also do press the button to push data on cloud.

I’ll suggest reconnecting . And check the connections of the ldr and and resistor

I recommend that you should check the status of BOLT device and then check the readings further. but then after your problem is not solved, you should consider switch off and then switch on.