Light_monitor project doubts

My doubts are:

  1. Can the code be executed in HTML too?
  2. In the code plotchart(“time_stamp”…) What does time_stamp actaully do…is it a variable that is already specified in the function plotchart
  3. And we are saying to send the values to the cloud every 5 minutes. Is the value sent to the cloud the average of all values in that 5 minutes or is it just the value at the 5th minute

ans 1:
The exact code cannot be executed in HTML .Moreover as explained in the lectures we use JS to perform task more efficiently without using the bandwidth. JS is a better option as tasks are completed at web page itself.
And google charts library supports java script format.
So if you want to perform the task in html you have to code it yourself which will use bandwidth and it will be difficult.boltanswer1

‘time_stamp’ is a parameter which represents a point in time independent of any time zone ,represented as seconds or nanoseconds resolution. It marks the time that an event occurred.
In this case it marks the time for which light intensity is recorded.

No not the average value but the exact value at every 5th minute is sent(if for 5 minutes is set)