Light monitoring device

Screenshot%20(8)|690x388 can anyone tell me weather the output of my project is correct or not?

yes you have done this right

Hi @sathiyasathiya75280,

Your circuit connections seem to be right, but it seems you are only getting 1024 value from the sensor.

Please look into the troubleshooting section after the first IoT sensor project to find out steps on how to fix this.

Yeah, your outputs are completely obvious…but you are getting the single output which is 1024
Try to vary the outputs to do that so,keep your LDR in a very dark place and note the reading and keep your LDR under the sunlight and push the data to cloud you will discover the change in output…Peace.

thanks for contributing!

thanks for contributing!

Hey @sathiyasathiya75280,
The circuit connection is absolutely correct, if you are not sure then check it once more in that particular section then check the connection of wifi and see that green led of cloud indicator working.
The outcome of the correct Light Monitoring System will vary by the change of light intensity on the LDR [Light detecting Resistance] the increase in the light interface , resistance decreases. The value will range around 1.02 K thus your reading is also correct. Just try and vary the light conditions to get some different output.

@dhruvdre thank you:grinning:

your connection is correct…you can check it my connecting your product with BOLT…

for ur reference i upload my output…make use of it

Yes, You are done Right

@sathiyasathiya75280 Your output is always the high value this is either because you are always placing your device in near a bright light or the leeds of your resistor and LDR are in contact. Your circuit seems to be correct but I think lead of your LDR touches the lead of your resistor . Ihad the same problem while conducting this experiment it was solved when I tightened the leads.