Light monitoring project

I have implemented the project and it worked perfectly but once when I removed the circuit from the bolt module and try to run the saved code for the same project (without the bolt module circuit) the bolt cloud displays the output with a entirely new table denoting the current times but how is it able to get the data without the LDR.

Actually when you first connect the bolt module and deploy the hardware the values start generating . Later when you remove the bolt module , it does not work since there is no power source to the bolt module , but later when you reconnect it , it starts taking values from the point of connection but the output table will have the old values that was generated the also the new values that are generating.

Try by storing the data to the cloud before removing the circuit connections. As you remove the cicuit connection without storing the data on the cloud so it may be showing new table.Try by cloud storing.

It shows you the past collected data. Try pushing new data.