Light monitoring system problem

1)In normal home light i am getting 1.02 in dark i am getting 15 in below average lights i am getting around 400 to 800 is that good results.
2)cant we increase limit above 1.02k.
3)how can we obtain results in form of graphs.

  1. That’s pretty normal for an LDR sensor
  2. Since the module has 10 bit ADC, it can only provide a digital output in the dynamic range 0-1023. So, you can’t increase that. However, you can change the javascript program on the cloud to scale the output by a factor.
  3. Download the csv file. Then using Excel or any other spreadsheet software/program, obtain the plot you desire.

to get the graph you can use some commands for them like to get linegraph you will get code to generate Linegraph and so on for other graphs. You can check the part “Visualization with Google Library” in the course or vissit Docs and check for codes of the Graph, or u can copy the data obtained and paste in Excel and get a graph

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Thank you so much sir your reply help me to get result properly.@pankajkumar.p @arnabdutta31399