Light monitoring system was working before and now it isn't

As the title suggests, my first light monitoring project was working before but now it isn’t, it keeps showing 1.2k as the intensity even if I change light intensity.

I suggest that once again be sure that connections are right or re-fix the circuit.
As you know one pin of LDR is going to the 3V3 and another in the A0. And the one end of 10K resistor in the ground and the another one in the A0.

And make sure that the code you written is correct and deployed in the bolt wifi module.

I’ve already tried re-checking connections and everything else. Is there another way i can arrange the circuit?

As before you were getting 1.02K as your light intensity . So have you changed your light more brighter than this ???

Please try to vary the light intensity, for better result you can try in early morning (let it be 5 am) before sun rising and monitoring till noon (12 pm). I think this will definitely give a good results to observe.