Light sensor code is running correctly but the sms alert is not coming to me

My code is below:-

check your SSID of twilio in your file.Surely there would be some mismatch.

HI, This may be due to gradual decrease in the light intensity .you maybe covering the sensor with your hands while lights are still on or there maybe a source of some light still there .

TRY : keep your room lights off and throw the flash of your phone on the sensor for a while and then remove it SUDDENLY and also make sure that least light from bbolt module LED’s are coming on the upper surface of LDR.


Hey there,
When running python3 after, it checks for z score ,while that process you should’nt ON or OFF light simultaneously ,leave it as it is .
Then after taking 10 data’s ,ON or OFF light to get sms regarding of it’s status.