Light sensor project deploying error

I’ve made the connections properly and even the code is right then too it’s saying that there’s no proper hardware for this type of deice while deploying configuration

You need to link the product with your device before deploying configuration…

If you still unable to deploy, put a screen shot of your connections and code here, so that we can help you if there is any fault. Before that make sure, cloud is connected to the device and the led’s are on.Thank you

1.See if you have selected output device
2.check if you have selected the correct pin and given it a name
3.check if you have uses the same name as you given in the pin

Thank you
Hope it helps you @rahulgandhi262111

1.See if you have selected output device or not
2.check the hardware connected pin & selected pin no. is same or not
3.After all setup please link the device then deploy the configuration.
Without link your device you can not deploy it .
I think this is informative for you .
Thank you

hi @rahulgandhi262111 ,
First, check if the bolt module is connected to your bolt cloud account.
While creating the product on the cloud make sure that you save your software code and hardware connections made virtually.Next step is linking the product to the bolt device/module
. Making sure the bolt module is online(green dot) deploy the configuration.
Hope this helps…

Check if the bolt module is connected to your bolt cloud account. Link the product to the device.
Hope this helps you @rahulgandhi262111

If I am using Multiple pins ( in the LDR Project GND,A0 and 3V3 pins are used) shall I have to select all the pins and give them names ?


Absolutely not, you won’t even have the check box option beside the other 2 pins. Only GPIO pins like 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and A0 have the checkbox option for that.

And the naming convention is simply to get a variable name that can be used to plot a graph.

Ok Thanks .
My problem is solved.
fault was in saving the code

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