Light sensor project

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@MOHIT_123 Try changing the resistor and observing the results again.

U can vary the light intensity of ur room also to get differeent readings

Use 330 ohm resistor instead of the 10k resistor.and try changing the light intensity values around the LDR by using ur mobile torch, closing the LDR with ur hands and so on and wait for another 5 mins.

I was facing the same problem. Try using the following combinations in the given sequence
-> 3.3v - LDR - a0 Pin - 10k - gnd
->3.3v - LDR - a0 Pin - 330 - gnd.
Any of them should work. And then vary the light intensity.Wait for few minutes for taking readings.

vary the light intensity like cover the bolt with some dark blanket.
close windows of the room . this helped me to get different values



Try to change the time rate or vary the time rate from the drop down menu. Try to vary from 1 minute to 5 minute.

See that the variable you have selected are the same in both the code and hardware.

Try to link the product once more. You can fetch more results within a short span by clicking deploy code again and again.

See that the green and blue light is stable. AND THE LDR AND RESISTOR ARE NOT TOUCHING EACH OTHER.

thanks everyone
for helping me out
I have now successfully executed the project