Lights in module turnout suddenly

The lights of the bolt IoT Module turned out as soon as I connected it to a general purpose PCB soldered by me. What could be the possible reason and how could I rectify it.

I have to present this project on April 3rd for community led event of Bolt IoT @vinayak.joshi sir please leave a speed response at your convenience.

Thank you


Do you have a multimeter with you?
Can you check if all the wires which you have placed side by side are not shorted to each other?

Once you confirm this, what you could try is connect the Bolt WiFi module to your circuit using male to female berge pin connectors.

Make sure that you connect the pins one by one, and power up and then power down the circuit after each connection.

Start with connecting gnd pin, then 5v pin and then all other pins.

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Thank you @vinayak.joshi sir. The problem occurred when both +ve and gnd pin of motor driver is connected to the pcb. I have a multi meter and i tried to check the connection there using continuity tester but the result is negative. What can I do next? I could get a burn smell from the motor driver and it was hot too.

@vinayak.joshi sir, I feel ashamed to share that the error occurred due to the change of +ve and gnd terminal of motor driver module while interfacing.
But the problem of heating is still the same the Motor driver IC provided with 5v supply is under going high temperature rise seems exponential.
Sir please provide me with a solution or steps to resolve the problem.
The bolt IoT Module is powered by a power bank and motor driver is powered from 5V pin of bolt hardware.

Hi @arunkedu,

It is pretty normal for motor drivers to heat up. But I have seen motor drivers(l293D) blow up when connected in reverse.

It would be best for you to replace your motor driver ic.

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Thank you sir, I got a new IC and is now working fine.

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