Limited devices for connecting to the device

Our college has strict restrictions and we are allowed only a laptop with wifi provided by the college.So it is unable to add and connect to a device.Is there any solution?

Can you please elaborate the types of restrictions?
If no mobile is allowed by college you can take a 4g wifi usb stick
If that is not allowed and if your college is using proxy server then you can try VPN’s
If it is also not the case then ask your college computer center to add the bolt’s cloud in allowed list.

simple take a help from your facultity definitely they will help you

@aarthybkumar ,bruh try using a new feature in windows 10, network & internet -> mobile hostspot -> share my hotspot-> set ssid and password…

or in windows 7 or 8 try any third party apps like virtual router manager it will defenitly help,
as you can set separate personal hostspot from existing wifi connection

in android use wifi hotspot from playstore(you cann’t ssid and pass,they are predefined for a device)