Link to send the screenshot of assignment given

in this lecture you have told to send the screenshot of assignment but i don’t know where to send the screenshot.
i have attached the sreenshot where you have told to submit it

Hey @tanujgangwal2005 you dont have to send the screenshot of the assignment. You only have to copy the link of the image you like and paste it in the code.

thanks for the reply, but i have written the code seen the output as desired but in that lecture sir have told to submit / send the screenshot of the output. i have also highlighted the line written in the assignment in the screenshot attached.

Hi @tanujgangwal2005,

  • You don’t need to share the code and output of self-assessment assignments with us. You only need to share the major assignments where will mention that you have to submit the assignment to us.
  • For self-assessment, you only need to verify by yourself if the output is as expected output.

thank you @rohit.ts sir.
actully i was confused about that because there is written to send the screenshot of the output and also written to check yourself.


Thank you for highlighting the issue. We will revise the content in the training to ensure it does not cause confusion for others as well.