Linked to bolt cloud yet shows offline

the bolt iot module is linked to the wifi and the cloud, yet in product when linked, it is showing offline

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It means your bolt module is not connect properly with the another wifi.
When the bolt module connect with wifi than it indicate the Green LED. Are your module indicate the Green LED? If not than please try to connect your Bolt module with your mobile hotspot.
If it is not working than reply me again.

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It should flash the green light along with the blue light, If not try deactivating and activating your wifi if it’s a hotspot, or if it’s a wifi network, try switching the router on and off. If the problem persists, do try the setup again with the network.

If you’ve already connected the device to the cloud and linked to some project then try this…

  1. Remember if you’ve recently change the WiFi/Hotspot password after linking the device.
  2. You can try to add the same device again with the Bolt mobile app may using a different network.
  3. If both fail it might be a hardware fault, get connected to the Bolt team

is your module light up green?
if not then it is not properly connected to wifi

i have trying what u said but it still not working…what to do

I’m facing the same problem.It showing offline