Linking of wifi module problem

i have completed all steps to to linking of bolt iot module and it link with my android app but it can’t be online i have tried so many time but always same result , the green led not glow and it bolt iot module is offline

@patelnishant47 Hello , even I have faced same issued while linking my bolt device so, I tried setting up wifi module with another android mobile(with same credentials) and after some try it got connected.
once you have linked you can use the previous android device again just for linking you can try another device.
It worked with me and you can also give a try.
good luck

@patelnishant47 Hello , first of all check that the Bolt IoT module works on 2.4Ghz Wifi ,Not on 5Ghz one which the phone hotspot gives . After ensuring this try whether you have used the same email for cloid setup and acc registration. And after all this if you still get the problem try checking the intermnet connection or keeep the mobile close to your module.It will work

While linking with bolt iot module with Android app u should give correct email id to show it online after connection also if it shows offline then u must check that email is correct or not ,or else u check wifi which u have connected is properly conected or not .

hello bro…recheck all your connections correctly.Your Problem blue LED is stable but Green LED is not on. it means that your bolt is connected to your wifi network but not getting the internet access. enable the internet access by calling the internet provider.