Linking the bolt module to the Bolt App and wifi

One week ago I did the setup and everything went fine. But now Bolt module is not connecting with wifi neither showing the available WiFi networks. Please anyone help me with this.

I think ,now you have to open your mobile Hotspot not wifi to connect bolt module .

What is the status of BLUE and GREEN leds once you connect bolt module to power supply?

@deeptimhatre597 Blue LED is blinking slowly. There is no green light.


LED blinking slowly indicates that the device is not able to connect to the wifi source to which it was configured. Did you change the password of the wifi source? Also, is the device in range of the wifi?

You can follow the same process that you had done initially to configure the device to your account using the mobile app.

@yeshwant.naik The device is in the rang of WiFi.
I followed the same procedure as did initially.
But I have changed the WiFi password in my 2nd phone.

I also faced the same problem some days ago , in this case you should configure again by going to Bolt IoT app and then click on add device even if you have device linked there from before and then follow the instructions given by the app
Step 1: Connect to bolt
Step 2 : Connect to your home wifi or hotspot
some times the wifi connection will shift to your home wifi while you should connect to bolt so please ensure that at first your device should be connected to bolt device and then to your local wifi
Then after some seconds your wifi blue led will get stable
And the could green light will start glowing
Hope so this will solve your proble.

@deeptimhatre597 okay, I will do this. Thank you

The bolt IoT module provides two indicator LEDs. One is blue, called WiFi LED other is green called cloud LED.
Status of Blue LED Significance
Off No Power to the bolt IoT module
Blinking slowly Device is ready to setup but not connected to WiFi; Check
whether you enabled the hotspot of your mobile, or check the
password of the WiFi source; check whether your device is in
WiFi range.
Blinking fast Mobile hotspot connection; WiFi connection established.

Now the green LED will indicate whether the device is connected to cloud through internet.
If both the LEDs are stable, device is properly connected to cloud through internet. Now if you log in to the bolt cloud it will show the device is online.

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Thank you guys! It’s working.