Linking wifi module
what exactly we are doing in this?
what exactly in happening in this?
why in this we have to turn off the hotspot it does not work on hotspot?

In this part we are just linking the bolt module to the cloud. The main objective of linking to cloud is that cloud provides us the platform where we can store the data recorded by the bolt module and also with the help of cloud we can visualize the data over a period of time by using charts and graphs.

I am not clear on doubt about hotspot but you can connect your bolt module to any wifi network available even to yours cellphone’s hotspot.

Firstly, we need to have two mobile phones and one laptop to connect wifi module to cloud. Wifi module should be connected to laptop with USB cable for power supply. We need to turn hotspot in one mobile. Connect second mobile and laptop to hotspot or (wifi if available). Open bolt cloud in laptop and link the device to the product. In mobile phone open bolt app and add device. Then the device will be connected to wifi. Green light will get turned on.

is bolt IOT app not available for windows? if it was then, I think we wouldn’t need two mobile phones

Hi @akshaykohad3011,

I believe you mean “Why in this we have to turn off the mobile data ?”

Mobile data is not the same thing as the hotspot.

Turning off the mobile data switches off your mobile phone’s conneciton to the internet via the telecom operator.

Turning off the Hotspot, causes your phone to stop emitting a WiFi, to which other devices can connect to.

We ask the user to turn off the mobile data, due to the manner in which most smartphones operate to ensure internet connectivity to the mobile.

By default, when the Bolt WiFi module is not configured, it does not have any internet connection. So when the mobile phone connects to it, the phone gets an ip addrss from the Bolt WiFi module, and checks whther it can access the internet via the Bolt WiFi module’s hotspot.

Since the mobile does not get internet from the Bolt WiFi module, it checks for internet via the telecom operator, and if the mobile data is on, the device rejects the ip address from the Bolt WiFi module, and uses the IP address received from the telecom operator.

If the mobile data is off, the mobile phone uses the ip address assigned to it by the Bolt WiFi module, which the App can then use to configure the Bolt WiFi module.

U don’t require 2 mobile phones. If u have wifi connection at ur home then u can go with single mobile phone.
In case u don’t have wifi connection then u can use 2 mobile phones. 1 for generating wifi hotspot with 2.4ghz frequency and another for entering password inorder to access internet with bolt and connect it to its cloud.
As bolt module doesn’t has display or keypad to enter the password so we connect bolt to wifi through an mobile phone . If u keep an default Mobile wifi with unchanged password, then u may not require another mobile phone once u entered the password for the first time.
And then Just plug in the power and turn on the wifi hotspot it will automatically connect to the wifi.
Some how u have to use two devices.

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thanks sir for helping