Linux and digital ocean droplet

can we try doing the projects on both digital ocean and ubuntu installed system to have experience of the both?if yes why , if not why?

@jain.reechika Yes, you can try doing the project on both platforms. Digital Ocean is a third-party cloud server and it charges for it services after a limited amount of time. Sometimes, you might have a problem while trying to setup your account on Digital Ocean or you might not be able to complete your project before the free subscription ends. In that case, you have to install Ubuntu server on the laptop to create your own server. This might not be as good as Digital Ocean though.

sir i want to ask that whether we can use both the things parallely or it will create some issue?if yes what issue can we face?

Hi @jain.reechika,

If you want, you can use both the method, it will not create any issue. It is just like running two computers to running the same program. But do note the API access rules . You can do 20 request/minute.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.