Linux based cloud server

The SSH into a linux based clod server video and accessing the digital ocean both are for the digital ocean and it was written to skip it if not able to use digital ocean
So I skipped it and in the video basic linux commands, it is needed to watch them. So what am I supposed to do now as I am not able to access the digital ocean, how will I perform these linux commands and where

Hi @muskansinghal23118,

You are supposed to ship the ssh into linux video and accessing the digital ocean video, if you had setup a linux virtual machine on your system, or you had a linux OS running on your system.

If you have gone the virtual machine route, then you will have a terminal access directly to the virtual machine, and you should be able to run the linux commands there.

If you have a linux os, use the following key combination to start a terminal and run the linux commands in the terminal


if you are able to setup the digitalocean droplet successfully then you need not to follow the below steps, as you download the ubuntu successfully on digital ocean droplet then you will receive the username and password to use the ubuntu CLI, and you can use the console option present at the right corner of the droplet to use it.
if you are using the windows then you can install putty and use directly from your desktop interface by entering the ip address provided by the ubuntu at digitalocean droplet.

Actually there are many Alternatives to Digital Ocean Droplet

A). If you have already deployed your DigitalOcean droplet, you can skip these steps. Please work with only one type of system to avoid errors.

  1. Download VmWare.
  2. Install VmWare.
  3. Download Ubuntu Server image.
  4. Install Ubuntu Server image on VmWare.

B). Follow the steps below to install Ubuntu Server using a virtual machine on your local Desktop/Laptop using VirtualBox Software.

  1. Download VirtualBox.
  2. Install VirtualBox.
  3. Download Ubuntu Server image.
  4. Install Ubuntu Server image on VirtualBox